Spectrum monitoring

Radiocommunications have become an integral part of our modern civilization. In addition to the increasing number of human users of wireless technology, there is also major growth in devices and machines that exchange data via radio waves. Driven by technological advances and the growing popularity of new products, the demand for additional frequency spectrum is expanding.
However, frequency spectrum represents a limited natural resource, making it critical to ensure intelligent planning of frequency usage along with rational allocation schemes and efficient monitoring techniques.

geolocation systems

Locating transmitters is an essential mission for all regulators and organizations that are assigned radio monitoring tasks. This pertains especially to unlicensed and illegal…

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spectrum monitoring

One obvious trend in wireless communications ist the dramatic increase of active transmitters. Many of them utilize ever-higher frequency…

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Interactive and
automatic workflows

Just occasionally peeking at the spectrum will neither solve current problems nor avoid future problems nor provide the information mandatory for efficient and successful…

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interference hunting

Despite careful planning and management of the frequency spectrum, interference is still an everyday problem for many radiocommunications services…


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